Covid-19 Information


I have received a shielding letter and I don’t know why because I don’t think I am at extreme risk?

You have received a letter because our NHS systems have identified you as having a serious health issue – or that you care for someone who does. This means it is very important you or they take extra steps to avoid catching coronavirus.

Sometimes mistakes can happen – if you are certain that none of the groups we have identified as extremely vulnerable apply to you, then a mistake may have occurred. Please check the governments guidelines on this and for further information.

We apologise if this has happened; the process of identifying those considered extremely vulnerable involved NHS data staff pulling information from a number of NHS databases and health records.  This process is as accurate as it can be, but may not be perfect.

We recommend calling your GP or specialist to check.

Notice to patients seeking dental care during the Covid 19 Pandemic

If you need urgent dental care:

  • If you are in pain or in need of support please phone your usual dental practice. This may be because you have severe toothache or a dental infection, or you have noticed other changes inside your mouth such as a white patch, red patch, a lump or an ulcer that won’t heal. All dental practices should be able to provide advice and management to you over the phone. This includes giving advice, guidance and prescriptions, which you can collect from your local pharmacy.

  • If you do not have a dentist, please call the Cheshire & Merseyside Dental Helpline on 0161 476 9651. They will assess you and provide advice over the phone which may result in a remote consultation with a dentist.

  • If your dentist or the dentist you have been referred to from the dental helpline  think that you need urgent face-to face treatment, they will refer you to a designated dental clinic where you will be assessed and any requisite emergency dental treatment undertaken.

Please note that any treatment is limited due to risk involved in most procedures


Coronavirus and your children

Sometimes it may be hard to explain what is going on to a younger child, please click the links below and have a look at the resources available to you which can help your child understand the current situation.

Coronavirus Workbook for Children 

Coronavirus Social Story

BPS Talking to children about Coronavirus


Do you need any help???

Ask for help

Are you unable to leave home due to coronavirus? Do you need help?

The Liverpool Good Neighbour scheme will match volunteers with people in need who don’t have anyone else nearby to help with day-to-day tasks.

The scheme is not designed to replace any social care or NHS services you may receive but it can give you additional support.

What tasks can I ask for help with?

You can ask for help with the tasks you cannot do because you cannot leave home, such as shopping or collecting prescriptions.  

Or you may like to ask to chat to a volunteer on the phone to break up your day and hear a friendly voice.

How do I ask for help?

You can request help by calling 0151 233 3066. Our lines are open from 8am to 6pm, seven days a week.

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