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For immediate, life-threatening emergencies, call 999

Call 111 if:

  • you need medical help quickly but it's not 999
  • you think you need to go to A&E or need another NHS urgent care service
  • you don't know who to call or you don't have a GP
  • you need health information or reassurance about what to do

NHS 111 is staffed by fully trained advisers, supported by experienced nurses and paramedics. They will give you healthcare advice or direct you straightaway to A&E, an out-of-hours doctor, an urgent care centre or a walk-in centre, a community nurse, an emergency dentist or a late-opening chemist.

If they think you need an ambulance, they will sent one to you. Calls to 111 are recorded and will only be shared with others directly involved with your care.

Old Swan NHS Walk-In Centre Crystal Close, St Oswald Street, Liverpool L13 2GA (0151) 285 3565

Liverpool City Centre NHS Walk in Centre Unit 4 Charlotte Row Great Charlotte Street, Liverpool, L1 1UH   0151 285 3535

Primary Care Treatment Centre - South Liverpool NHS Treatment Centre Church Road Garston L19 2LP  (0151) 295 9010

Smithdown Smithdown Minor Injury Centre for Children Smithdown Road L15 2LQ  (0151) 285 4820

Knowsley Walk in Centre Huyton, Westmoreland Road Huyton L36 6GA 0151 244 3150

Knowsley Walk in Centre Halewood Roseheath Drive L26 9UH 0151 244 3532

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