Completion of forms

Charges for records and completion of forms

There may be a fee payable if this form is not part of your NHS care and it will normally take 15 working days for completion.

Please hand your form(s) into reception for the attention of the GP who knows you best; these forms will not be dealt with in a normal booked appointment slot.

When you hand your form to reception they will inform you of the cost and the date you can expect to collect your completed form.

Partial record £25

Significant record £50

Photocopying small documents  £5  (can be waived at our discretion)

Insurance form (travel, mortgage) £30

Statement £20

Passport form £20

Short medical reports £30

Private sick Note £20

Fit to travel letter £20

HGV, Taxi, Adoption, medicals £85

Univ medical form  £20